Charter Trip

Types of Charter

1. Pick up and drop off basis

  • Pick up at Ohayami Bus station and Drop-off at Ohayami bus area
  • No LTFRB permit needed

2. Pick and drop at specific destination without shuttle

  • Pick- up and drop-off at a specific place indicated by the client.
  • Bus will not be used to ferry or shuttle passengers to any side trips of the itinerary.
  • LTFRB permit needed if outside our bus route.

3. Pick and drop with side trips

  • Passengers will be shuttled all throughout the itinerary.
  • LTFRB permit is needed if outside our bus route
  • Bus Routes:
    • Manila (Sampaloc via Bonifacio Ave) to NLEX-Bulacan-Nueva Ecija to Ifugao (vice-versa)
    • Baguio (Marcos highway) via Pangasinan to Nueva Ecija to Ifugao (vice-versa)

Departure time

1. Client’s – own time

Charterer will indicate their preferred time of departure. Rate is higher by PHP 2000 if client opted to choose this type.

2 . Ohayami bus schedule

  • It follows the departure time of the bus. Example:
    • If from Manila bus will depart from (8PM-10PM)
    • If from Banaue bus will depart from (6PM-7PM)
    • If from Lagawe bus will depart from (6PM-8PM)
    • If from Baguio bus will depart from (8pm -9PM)

Type of Unit

1. Coaster – 16 seaters + 3 jump seats. Limited space for baggage compartment. It can only accommodate 3-4 stuffed backpacked.

2. Regular Bus – 45 seaters. with big compartments for baggage.

* all units are air conditioned, reclining seats (except jump seats) and with video on board.

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