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In 1998, Ohayami Trans first plied the route Banaue-Maddela (v.v) with 3 units of mini bus. “Ohayami” might be mistaken for a japanese word but it is actually the reverse last name of the operator, Mr. Rafael Imayaho, a native of Hingyon, Ifugao.

In 2001, Mr. Imayaho sold the 3 units of mini bus when his application for Lagawe-Baguio line was approved by the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB). A year later, additional buses were acquired when the line Baguio-Banaue was again approved. Since then, Ohayami Trans has been transporting both local and foreign passengers to the cool and vibrant city of Baguio, down to the world wonder Banaue rice terraces.

In 2005, Ohayami trans applied for the route Manila-Banaue (v.v) via Sampaloc. It took the company two years of board hearings before the LTFRB granted its approval in 2010.

On June 15, 2010, Ohayami trans became the third bus line to ply the route Manila- Banaue (v.v). Most of its employees are Ifugaos, promoting local job. It became also a cheaper shipping alternative for Ifugaos to ship their goods or products to Manila and Banaue.

In mid 2011, LTFRB suspended the operations of the two bus lines for failure to present a valid franchise certification making OHAYAMI TRANS THE ONLY LEGAL BUS LINE TO PLY THE ROUTE BANAUE-MANILA (v.v.) at present.